Sunday, May 16, 2010

Callaway Cemetery

Today was a dark, dreary and raining day, but I needed to photograph some graves at Callaway Cemetery for a request on Find A Grave. The map location showed it about 5 miles east toward Eminence. I headed out route 22 and followed the gps as directed. The voice told me to turn left at Highland Farms road. I hesitated at first as it looked like a road up to someone's house. There were no private drive signs so I proceeded. I drove past two houses and a barn till I came to an old rock surrounding up in a field that appeared it could be a graveyard. I started to go back and go up to the last house I passed, but since it was raining I decided not to. I assumed that someone would see me going up toward the graveyard and realize why I was there. I approached the rock surrounding and sure enough here were graves there. I was looking for Col John Callaway. I found his marker easily. It was very old, broken and hard to read as he died in1825 and it was flat on the ground. The inside of the yard was not well cared for and there were high weeds all around. There were at least 8 other graves there. I took pictures of the of the 5 I could read. the others were so old the writing was worn away and It was impossible to tell who was there.

By far the most interesting stone was one that looked fairly recent. It was Richard Callaway born in 1717, he was the commander of the siege of Boonesboro. He was killed by Indians near Boonesboro, KY in March 1870. I included a picture here.

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